Mission 2018 - Puerto Rico

Hurricane María hit Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017. The federal government declared the entire island a national disaster. Thousands of people lost their lives and thousands of  homes were destroyed or damaged.

As Christ's followers, we are called to action. It is a way we show our love for Christ and display God's faithful love to those around us. Here you will find ways that your love in action can involve you in the ministry of disaster response.

St. Paul’s sent a team on November 3, 2018 for a 10-day mission to help those in need.

Francesco / Frances  spent 2 days with her sister when the hurricane came to the island.  When she came home the roof was off the living room and her salon. When she opened the door, 7 inches water gushed out. The power out and the security gate broke. It was a fearful time.  Our goal and hope is to have the roof, ceilings and other stuff complete before returning to Michigan.

“Great week tears of joy and laughter.  Our home owner made us lunch today.  Blessings and gratitude from Puerto Rico.”